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Food Processing Companies


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Company Location Employees Product
Keurig Green Mountain  Knox 957 Coffee Roasting, packaging & wholesaling
Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Knox 600 Manufactures and distributes Coca-Cola products
Monterey Mushrooms Loudon 580 Commercial mushrooms
Bush Brothers & Co. Jefferson 500 Manufactures dried and dehydrated fruits and vegetables & soup mixes
Con Agra Food Cocke 475 Food products
Pepsi Beverages Co Knox 368 Soft drinks, water, juice, teas, energy drinks, Gatorade, Muscle Milk
Custom Food Division, Processed Foods Corp. Knox 350 Manufacturer of frozen soups, sauces, side dishes
Flowers Foods Knox 306 Breads, rolls, snack cakes
Campos Foods Campbell 285 Fully-cooked frozen hamburger patties, pork, beef and turkey sausage patties, meatloaf, Salisbury steak, rib patties, and bone-in chicken
Tate & Lyle Loudon 251 Corn syrup & flavoring extracts
Viskase Corp Loudon 245 Cellulose casings
Ole Smoky Distillery Sevier 175 Tennessee moonshine
Reily Foods Co. (JFG) Knox 175 Coffee roasting, manufacturers peanut butter & mayonnaise
House of Thaller Knox 172 Manufactures salads and dressings
Wamplers Farm Sausage Co. Loudon 168 Manufactures sausage from slaughtered meat
Family Brands Loudon 141 Meat packing plant
Swaggerty Sausage Co. Inc. Sevier 80 Manufactures sausage from slaughtered meat; meat processing
Tennessee Cheddars, Sweetwater Valley Farm Loudon 25 Cheese manufacturing
Crockett Creek LLC Knox 15 Manufactures dried beef from purchased meat
English Mountain Spring Water Company Jefferson 14 Bottles spring water for drinking
Benton’s Smoky Mountain Country Hams Monroe 5 Dry cured country ham, bacon & prosciutto

Source:  Book of Lists 2017; Community websites