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Distribution Companies


More information on distribution and logistics

Company Location Number of Employees Service
United Parcel Service (UPS) Knox 1,450 Delivers parcels to businesses & individuals
Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Knox 950 Wholesale coffee distribution, mail order catalog, internet sales, manufacturer
FedEx World Service Center Knox 745 Shipping
DeRoyal Industries Knox 726 Pharmaceutical distribution
Monterey Mushrooms Loudon 585 Retail foodservice distribution
CVS Knox/Loudon 500 Pharmaceutical distribution
Melaleuca Inc. Knox 392 Personal care, household cleaning & wellness products
Coca-Cola Bottling Company Knoxville 380 Bottling & soft drink distribution
Pepsi Beverage Co. Knox 356 Soft drink distribution
House-Hasson Hardware Co. Inc. Knox 350 Hardware distribution
Custom Foods of Amercia Knox 350 Restaurants, food service
U.S. Foodservice Blount 350 Wholesale food distribution
Reinhart Foodservice ,LLC Blount 344 Distributor of general line groceries to resaurants
American Book Company Jefferson 310 Distributes closeout books
H.T. Hackney Roane 250 Grocery distribution
Sysco Knoxville Knox 215 Restaurants, hotels, schools, hospitals food distribution
Kelsan Inc. Knox 201 Distributes sanitation supplies 
Cherokee Distributing Co. Knox 200 Beverage distribution
Alba Health Roane 165 Distributes health care products
Reily foods Co. (JFG Coffee) Knox 150 Distributes coffee, tea, seasonings & dressings
Seneca Medical Inc. Anderson 72 Distributes medical surgical supplies, equipment & support services
Exel Logistics Monroe 50 Pharmaceutical distribution
Xpedx Knox 50 Distributes paper supplies
B&T Distributing Co. Knox 50 Distributes to bars, restaurants, retail wine & spirits stores
Delta Apparel Anderson 34 Distribution
Unified Marine Cocke 29 Marine product distribution

Source:  Book of Lists 2017; Community websites