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Uranium Processing Facility (UPF)

East Tennessee's rich technology resources and advanced assets contribute to companies success.

East Tennessee often surprises business leaders with its rich technology advantages:


  • The nation’s largest science and energy laboratory
  • A highly active research university
  • An innovative entrepreneurial spirit
  • Advanced material facilities
  • Numerous technology training options

Leaders in many business sectors tap into East Tennessee’s valuable assets in the realm of technology, a total package unique in the nation. They have discovered the region’s significant advantages that catalyze business success.

Take advantage of these unexpected strengths found in East Tennessee:

  • One of the world’s largest supercomputers
  • World-class research in advanced materials, additive manufacturing and carbon fiber
  • Sophisticated technological expertise at the lab and university related to manufacturing, logistics, business administration, and many other areas
  • Superfast Internet connection 
  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory is the largest science and energy laboratory in the United States, with dozens of collaborations with researchers and businesses
  • The University of Tennessee is a research university with very high research activities, as classified by the Carnegie Commission.
  • The Y-12 National Security Complex brings decades of precision work and expertise to solve problems for customers in the private sector.