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Shared Service Centers

Shared Service Centers

Shared service centers perform many of the administrative functions for a company or companies. The need to cut costs and be more efficient has led to the creation of shared service centers in all industries.  Multi-location operations are better served by a consolidation of administrative functions such as accounting, payroll, human resources and IT support.


Average hourly wages in select job classifications


No degree necessary



Customer Service Representatives



Technical Support Level 1-B2C



Technical Support Level 1-B2B



Customer Support and Tech (B2B & B2C)



Degree Required:



Technical Support Level 2 & 3 (B2B & B2C)



                                              Source: Staffing Solutions, EmployBridge, Knoxville, TN


Business Climate

Pro-business environment - Favorable business tax climate consistently in the top 1/3 of U.S. states:

  • Attractive state, local, and utility incentives for new job creation and capital investment
  • State taxes ranking among the nation's lowest
    • No state property tax
    • Competitive corporate taxes
    • Available targeted jobs tax credit
  • Competitive gas, water, and sewer rates
    • Electricity generated by the Tennessee Valley Authority at rates 13% below the U.S. industrial average
    • Electricity reliability at 99.999% since 2000
  • Available Buildings and Sites
    • Building costs 19% below the national average (RSMeans Construction Index 2015)
    • Competitive lease rates
  • Right-to-work state


  • Flexible, growing workforce of 550,000 in 15-county region
  • Workforce of 780,000 in 32 laborshed counties
  • A large and growing student population from the University of Tennessee along with 12 other two and four year colleges in the region
  • 67,000 college and university students
  • An underemployed adult workforce in technical and professional positions  
  • Competitive workers compensation rates
  • Customized workforce training
  • Transferable skill sets
  • Available part and full-time workers


  • Major regional airport with more than 125 flights daily to 20 major U.S. destinations
  • Located at the juncture of three major interstates I-40, I-75 and I-81
  • 70% of the US market within a day's drive
  • Robust telecommunications infrastructure


  • Home of the Knoxville-Oak Ridge Technology Corridor
  • State-of-the-art telecommunications capabilities comparable to the Silicon Valley and Research Triangle
  • Advanced communications infrastructure that supports the Oak Ridge National Laboratory available to companies
  • Redundant fiber and electric power available