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Data Centers

As corporations continue to digitize all information, the management of data becomes a major issue.  Digital storage, instant access and security necessitate facilities dedicated to addressing these issues.  They must have redundancy in both fiber and electrical power.  The increase of digitalization will continue to drive this sector upward.  Our region has the resources to accommodate the requirements of this industry.

The advanced communications infrastructure that supports the Oak Ridge National Laboratory is available to companies in the region.  This includes affordable and competitive fiber-optics, ATM, DSL, and cable.  Protected by the mountains, the East Tennessee area is never hit by a hurricane, and it is rare to be impacted by an earthquake or tornado, ensuring system dependability.  With our four-year colleges and universities, our region has an ample supply of well-educated workers available for these higher-paying jobs.

With competitive, reliable power, low natural disaster risks, redundant fiber capability from multiple carriers, this region is a proven location for such heavy power users.  TVA offers special rates for data centers and technology companies with a power demand above 5,000 kilowatts, an average monthly load factor of 80% or more, and listed in an eligible NAICS code.

Business Climate  
Pro-business environment - Favorable business tax climate consistently in the top 1/3 of U.S. states

  • Attractive state, local, and utility incentives for new job creation and capital investment
  • State taxes ranking among the nation's lowest 
    • No state property tax 
    • Competitive corporate taxes 
    • Available targeted jobs tax credit
  • Competitive gas, water, and sewer rates   
    • Electricity generated by the Tennessee Valley Authority at rates 13% below the U.S. industrial average 
    • Electricity reliability at 99.999% since 2000
  • Available Buildings and Sites
    • Building costs 19% below the national average (RSMeans Construction Index 2015) 
    • Competitive lease rates
  • Right-to-work state


  • Flexible, growing workforce of 550,000 in 15-county region
  • Workforce of 780,000 in 32 laborshed counties
  • A large and growing student population from the University of Tennessee along with 12 other 4 and 2 year colleges in the region
  • 67,000 college and university students
  • An underemployed adult workforce in technical and professional positions
  • Competitive workers compensation rates
  • Customized workforce training
  • Transferable skill sets
  • Available part and full-time workers


  • Major regional airport with more than 125 flights daily to 20 major U.S. destinations
  • Located at the juncture of three major interstates I-40, I-75 and I-81
  • 70% of the US market within a day's drive
  • Robust telecommunications infrastructure


  • Home of the Knoxville-Oak Ridge Technology Corridor
  • State-of-the-art telecommunications capabilities comparable to the Silicon Valley and Research Triangle
  • Advanced communications infrastructure that supports the Oak Ridge National Laboratory available to companies
  • Redundant fiber and electric power available