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Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)
TVA is the largest public power producer in the nation, serving more than 8.3 million people, and is among the most reliable. Its Sequoyah Nuclear Unit 1’s capacity factor ranked sixth best in the world. TVA has never dropped firm load to any industrial customer in its history and has a reliability rate of 99.999%, the highest in the nation.

TVA generates 152 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity annually, or enough power to meet the needs of nearly 10 million homes. TVA also manages the Tennessee River, the nation's fifth-largest river system, operating 19 hydroelectric dams, seven coal-fired power plants, two nuclear-power plants, six combustion-turbine sites and one pumped-storage plant in Tennessee, with a combined generating capacity of more than 19,655 megawatts. 

TVA has joined Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the University of Tennessee, and others in the Volunteer State Solar Initiative a comprehensive solar-energy and economic-development program.

In addition to providing dependable power at a competitive rate, TVA and its power distributors offer a host of other programs.

  • TVA Growth Credit Program: TVA rewards businesses locating or expanding in the Tennessee Valley with substantial credits on their power bills. Credits are provided by most distributors and can be explained when you submit your sample electric demand for a quote.
  • VPI Pricing: Variable Price Interruptible Power offers several competitively priced power options to SIC qualified customers with loads of at least 5 megawatts.
  • VPI prices are generally low because they follow TVA's hourly power supply cost of producing electricity and because VPI has an interruptible feature.
  • TVA offers technical services, community development, and small/minority business support.

Demand is forecasted to exceed generating capacity in many areas of the US by mid-decade. Kiplinger reports that the West Coast, Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, and some Midwestern cities will be vulnerable. The Southeast US is one area in the country that will have ample power supply.  The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) and municipal and cooperative distributors provide  the Knoxville-Oak Ridge region with superb reliability and competitive rates. 

Region's power distributors

Natural Gas
Spectra Energy / East Tennessee Natural Gas supplies most of the gas distributed in the region:

  • Lines are 12" and smaller
  • 1030 BTU per cubic foot
  • Firm gas available up to 60,000 therms per month
  • Interruptible gas available
  • Larger volume available with prior notification and approval
  • Large gas users can purchase gas on the open market and pay a modest throughput fee to use the local utility district's delivery infrastructure

Ultra Pure Gases and Business Chemicals
Because of the presence of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the University of Tennessee, the region has a strong existing network of business chemicals and gases providers including ultra-pure gases.

Industrial and Specialty Chemicals, Industrial and Ultra-Pure Gases:

  • Appalachian Electric Cooperative 
  • Alcoa Electric 
  • Appalachian Electric Cooperative 
  • Knoxville Utilities Board
  • Jellico Electric & Water System

Water / Waste Water Excess capacity
Numerous water districts provide our region with available, treated, clean water.

  • Water
    • Total Capacity             185 MGD
    • Total Usage                  86 MGD
    • Available                       99 MGD
  • Total Storage Capacity               97 MG
  • Waste Water
    • Total Capacity              155 MGD
    • Total Usage                   80 MGD
    • Available                       75 MGD

East Tennessee Power Distributors

Alcoa Electric                                  
Appalachian Electric Cooperative   
Clinton Utilities Board                       
Fort Loudoun Electric Cooperative    
Harriman Utility Board                   
Jellico Electric & Water System       
Knoxville Utilities Board
LaFollette Utilities
Lenoir City Utility Board
Loudon Utilities
Maryville Electric
Newport Utilities
Oak Ridge Electric 
Plateau Electric Cooperative
Rockwood Electric Utility 
Sevier County Electric System 
Sweetwater Utilities Board    


• Industrial electricity rates
      13% below the national average

• Commercial electricity rates 
      4% below the national average

• Residential rates 
       13% below the national average

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